1 Factory New R'Type Continental 4.5 engine complete with bell housing,
head, carburettors, starter motor, manifold, flywheel etc.  All it needs is
a bottle of petrol and  a hose to start.  Was museum exhibit in USA  and
came from the Factory  in 1971  when in liquidation.
1 Factory reconditioned  4.9  R'Continental engine similar to above.


S.1.  Steering Column and Steering Box  kits (original parts used)  as
a complete kit to  convert  S1  non PAS  to  S1  Power Steering. Standard
or Continental.
Bentley Chrome Radiators,  R and S' Continental and Standard  1950 - 1970's
RR  Radiator shell and shutters  for  Shadow I + II
Radiators for  R and S'Types
Cylinder heads for both R and S'Types some fully reconditioned
Engine blocks   (various)
Engine parts: mostly for S1 such as valves + guides,  bearing sets, rocker arms, rocker shafts, pistons, Thermostats  78  and  81 's
Various: Tool kits  for S'Types, Touring kits  for  S'Types,
Pumps, Tools, Jacks, Touring kits for  Shadows  etc.